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Katie O'Brien

Nike Designs Shoes for Individuals with Disabilities

Sportswear company Nike (NYSE: NKE) has designed a sneaker designed specifically for individuals with disabilities. One of the company's newest shoes, the Zoom Solider 8, uses a new zipper technology, making it easier to tie the sneaker.

The technology, titled "Fly Ease," features a zipper that zips around the heel, eliminating the need for two hands to tie the shoe. The wearer only needs one hand to slip the shoe on and off and ensure security.

"We know we can continue to make improvements," CEO Mark Parker said, according to Engadget. "but we wanted to give access to those who need this sooner than later."

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  • Harley Chase
    This is good PR for Nike. However, I don't believe its such a large innovation as far as sneakers go. I'm interested to see what else the brand will do/develop to make its products more accessible for those with disabilities.