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Katie O'Brien

Sony in Talks with Online Streaming Services for Seinfeld Episodes

Sony Pictures (NYSE: SNE) is in talks with a few major online streaming networks, according to Mediaite, to find a hosting website for hugely popular NBC sitcom Seinfeld. The show, which has been off the air for almost 20 years, is still highly syndicated through many television channels, however, is currently not available online.

Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) declined the offer to stream the show last year, Mediaite reported, with anticipation of paying up to $100 million for all 180 shows.

Mediaite commenter Mr. X said:

"Makes sense and they probably have the data to back up their decision. Why spend that money on an old show when you can produce your own, and sell those right down the line as well as generate new buzz and new customers.

Would they really get a bunch of new customers or hang onto existing ones with a show that has been readily available to download or torrent or buy on dvd, or even in your old stack of vhs tapes?

As brilliant as Seinfeld is, I dont need to rewatch again and again. There's lot of good current / new tv shows to watch.

Netflix spent $100 million on the first two season Of House Of Cards. I'd say that was money well spent. The kudos, the millions of new customers they got for that money, made a lot of sense. I doubt picking up seinfeld for the same amount would have garnered the same response."

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