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Katie O'Brien

Sony Buys Rights to an Emoji Movie

Pretty much everyone with a smartphone uses emojis. The friendly little smiling faces that are meant to depict how a person is feeling. 

Perhaps a certain emoji accompanies a text message or is sent in lieu of one. However, most would probably agree that the cute pictures are here to stay.

Sony Pictures (NYSE: SNE) is going to make sure of that.

The production company recently purchased the rights to an emoji movie, according to the BBC, with plans to execute the idea relatively soon.

The real question here is: Why? Why is an emoji movie necessary or even potentially lucrative? According the BBC, some critics argue that because of the Lego Movie, many feel as though a movie concept can be created out of essentially anything. Enter: emojis.

There is no other information about the creative aspects of the potential movie have been released. So there are a lot of unanswered questions still when it comes to what this movie will be about, what audience it will be for or when it will come out.

The concept that companies will do anything to make money is not new. If emojis make money, emojis make money.

However, emojis are not on par with Legos. One of the main reasons why The Lego Movie was so popular is because it has sentimental and nostalgic value, mixed in with popularity with children still, today.

Emoijis are still relatively new. Accounting for that, emojis are not, and never will be, Legos.

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